Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday 4/2

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Wednesday 2/4

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday 12/9

Here are some more powerpoints for you to use while studying, test is tomorrow.

You can also view additional information about the progresive movement on this site, scroll down to the progressive powerpoint at the bottom.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday 10/20

Missing Assignments:

Jackson HW
1. Describe the personal background of Andrew Jackson and identify which aspects of that background would be most appealing to Americans of the early 19c?

2. What was the spoils system?

3. Why did Jackson think that Native Americans should be moved west of the Mississippi?

4. Describe the legal tensions between Native Americans and the state of Georgia in the 1830s.

5. What were the provisions of Indian Removal Act of 1830?

6. Describe the "Trail of Tears" as an example of the Indian removal policy implemented by the United States government during the Jackson administration.

7. How did South Carolina, as representative of southern sentiment, react to the 1832 Tariff?

8. What was Andrew Jackson's response to South Carolina?

Washington to Adams HW

What were the reasons for the Whiskey Rebellion?

How did Washington's reaction to the Whiskey Rebellion underscore the difference between the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation?

What circumstances led to an administration with a Federalist president and a Republican vice president?

What caused the "quasi-war" with France during the Adams administration? What was the result of this struggle?

What were the Alien and Sedition Acts, and what effect did they have on American politics at the time?

What gave rise to the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions? What attitude toward the nature of the federal government did these Resolutions reveal?

What were the key issues in the 1800 presidential election? Why is it called the "Revolution of 1800?"

What were the fundamental principles of Jeffersonian democracy?

How did Jefferson's presidency represent a fundamental change in the direction of the federal government?

What reform was made to avoid the problems caused by the 1800 presidential election?

Identify the immediate and long-term effects of the War of 1812 on America